DANCING On Ice fans have ranted ‘What are the judges on?’ after claiming that the show is a ‘huge fix’.

On Sunday night there was no skate off – so that meant that the celebrities only had one chance to impress the judges.

Dancing On Ice fans all said the same thing about Lou Sanders' performance
Dancing On Ice fans all said the same thing about Lou Sanders’ performanceCredit: Rex
Viewers think that Claire Sweeney was over marked
Viewers think that Claire Sweeney was over markedCredit: Rex

Viewers watching the ITV programme weren’t very happy with some of the scores that the celebrities received.

Lou Sanders and partner Brendyn Hatfield were given 22 points for their performance to Wilson Phillips hit track Hold On from Bridesmaids.

Many slammed the judges for ‘under-marking’ Lou, while others have put forward that the show is a fix.

One wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter: “Wtf is going on with this score for Lou #dancingonice She was better than Claire. She skated on her own more!!”

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Another said: “Nah I’m so sorry to be negative but DOI is so blatantly fixed this year. How is Lou marked less than Claire when Lou did half that routine on her own & the best Jane could complement Claire on was a chase. Nothing against Claire but Lou is objectively better.”

“Claire six ! You mean Claire fix !,” a third added.

A fourth tweeted: “Omfg theyve done it again!! Claire will never be able to skate as well as Lou did. The fix is in (to keep the corry viewers?) so I’m out.”

“#DancingOnIce wtaf are the judges on? The show is a fix. I will predict now that Adele will get the highest score of the night. It’s all about popularity and not about their skating efforts. Jokers,” a fifth wrote.

Another tweeted: “Here we go again! I tweeted it last week, and I’ll tweet it again! Claire got carried and scored higher than Lou who gave it a go skating independently AGAIN!! ITV fix it for certain people on EVERY talent show.”

Others said contestant Claire Sweeney had been overmarked after scoring a total of 24 points.

One angry fumed: “These scores for Lou are f****** ridiculous. She’s the only of the girlies who’s actually skating solo and they’re giving her dog s*** scores because she doesn’t have a sob story.”

A second posted: “BUT THEY GAVE CLAIRE SWEENEY 6’s WHEN SHE JUST HELD ON TO HER PARTNER THE WHOLE ROUTINE?! Why do the judges keep giving Lou such low scores?”

It’s not the first time fans have thought that the famous faces have been undermarked.

Many fumed after Adele Roberts took to the ice with pro skater Mark Hanretty – and only revived 29 points.

Last night also saw S Club 7 star Hannah Spearritt eliminated from the competition.

Hannah replied: “It’s sad to see anyone go.”

Holly added: “You did such a beautiful performance in front of your girls and family,” to which Hannah said: “It was nice to finish on Elsa.

“Everyone has been fantastic and to be partnered with Andy has been an absolute joy. Thank you for the journey.”

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