IT’S fair that Karren Brady is one of Britain’s most influential women.

Someone who is following in The Apprentice star’s footsteps is her her daughter Sophia Peschisolido.

Sophia Peschisolido is the daughter of Apprentice star Karren Brady
Sophia Peschisolido is the daughter of Apprentice star Karren BradyCredit: Refer to Caption

Who is Karren Brady’s daughter Sophia Peschisolido?

Sophia Peschisolido works as an Influencer and model and is the daughter of Apprentice star Karren Brady.

Her father is ex-footballer Paul Peschisolido, who is best known for playing for FulhamNorwich City and Derby County.

I am who I and and I’ve come to accept it.Sophia Peschisolido

Sophia studied film and television at university and kicked off her modelling career when she appeared in a Topshop campaign back in 2017.

As of January 2024, she has over 340K Instagram followers, on her popular handle @sophiapesch.

Karren Brady on how she makes her marriage work and becoming a gran

Her account is full of glamorous snaps of her jetset life.

She has also partnered with underwear brand Boux Avenue and clothing giant PrettyLittleThing.

Sophia previously revealed her famous mum Karren gives her seal of approval before she posts her sizzling pics.

But Sophia has said insisted she wants to further her career without using a reality TV contract and has repeatedly turned her back on offers from Love Island

What has Sophia Peschisolido said about Borderline Personality Disorder?

In 2019, Sophia revealed that she had been diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder.

In a candid post, she confided in her followers: “Over the past few years I’ve been struggling a lot with mental health issues, I’ve recently been diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder which was tough for me, I haven’t told anyone this only my close pals because I was embarrassed and didn’t want people to judge me but i realised I don’t actually care about what people think anymore.

“I am who I and and I’ve come to accept it. I’ve dealt with anxiety and depression for a long time and I’ve always tried to hide it from people as I felt embarrassed but I feel like if I can openly tell people and not be embarrassed about it, then maybe other people will also feel ok to admit they have it and feel comfortable too.

“With therapy and medication I’ve been able to manage it a lot better but I still have my bad days when I just wanna lock myself away and not see anyone.”

Borderline Personality Disorder is a disorder of mood.

According to the NHS, “Symptoms of borderline personality include being emotionally unstable, having upsetting thoughts and acting without thinking.”

Who is Sophia Peschisolido dating?

Sophia is in a relationship with her fiancé Frankie Makin.

The pair got engaged in 2022, and in November 2023, revealed that they were expecting their first child together.

Sharing the news on social media today and wrote: “Our greatest blessing due 2024.”

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